Hi! My name is Paolo and I am a psychotherapist who operates mainly in Florence.
You can see on my website my résumé, even though I’d rather tell what brings me here today. After college I didn’t attend University at first, I’ve been travelling around for 4 years, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. I began with children entertainment and education in the social domain, and then I became aware that I wanted more, and some of the experiences I was having at the time helped me more and more to define better what I wanted to do.

So I went to major in psychology. The academic world was a big bench mark for me, as I am a very pragmatic person. It left a big imprinting on me, not only as accumulated notions. At a certain point Gestalt Psychology crossed my path, and soon I understood which was my direction. Gestalt for me is experience, emotions, complexity and simplicity at the very same time. Conceptually framed in well being enhancement.


The symptom (either a person or a physical phenomenon) doesn’t have to be hidden and/or suppressed like we are use to do, maybe it is just something that requires to be carefully listened.


Going toward this attitude, I am cruising in my present as therapist.
In the video below I quickly mention tools and resources like EMDR, family constellations, bodywork. If you want to learn more, contact me!



“How does it work? How can you solve my problem? How much does the therapy last?”


If you are asking yourself these questions, call me or drop a line, I’ll be happy to help!

  • Psychotherapy sessions: Via Verdi 7 – Florence.
  • Online sessions: available via Skype or Google Meet.