About me

Hi! My name is Paolo and I am a psychotherapist.

You can see on my website my résumé , even though I’d rather tell what brings me today, where I stand. After college I dodn’t go immediately to university, I’ve been around 4 years travelling, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. I began with children entertainment and education in the social domain, and then I became aware that I wanted more, and some of the kid’s gestures and way of playing would tell me more about them.

So I went to major in psychology. Academic world was a big bench mark for me, as I am a very pragmatic person. It left traces not only as accumulated notions. At a given moment I’ve crossed path with Gestalt, and I soon understood which way I wanted to go. Gestalt for me is experience, emotions, complexity and simplicity at the very same time. Conceptually framed in well being enhancement .

Symptom (be it a person or a physical phenomenon) maybe is not to be hidden and/or suppressed as we’ve been always thought, maybe it is simply to be listened to carefully.

Going toward this attitude, I am cruising in my present as therapist

you can get in touch with me by using the contact form or +393311064726