Gestalt psychology

Gestalt psychology

Here is an interview that I gave last July that gives an idea about how I work INTERVIEW

In a website homepage  there should be a practitioner’s  charming description. I am a psychotherapist and I accompany people for some beats of their lives.  I can’t and maybe I don’t want to charm , I want people to choose to equip themselves with tools in order to do things differently or to see from other perspectives, but those they always have been using.

My model, Gestalt psychology, is experiencial and I find it difficult to describe with words. In this approach we do things and we train , as if it was a secure gym where we can train to see and practice other ways than the ones we’re used to. It is also existential, read it faces every day’s issues as a whole, which is the puzzle of one’s attitude toward life. All of this is simple and very complex at the same time , for sure is fascinating. Below you will find a definition that I found years ago (not mine) and that I liked at first sight. It reminds me of riding a motorbike on a curvy road.

This is what gestalt therapy is like.

“The therapist’s ability to create an environment in which the patient can develop his/her integrity, it happens thoughout a dance between therapist and patient. It is not a tecnique used by a practitioner on another person who is asking for help, is the co-construction  of a contact border on which values, personality, personal ways to cope with life play a fundamental role. It is the dance that the therapist, with all his science and humanity, and the patient, with all his pain and will to heal, create in order to rebuild the grounf on which lay relations’ life, the sense of sefety within the ground and the other, and therefore letting oneself go into intimacy”








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